How I Introduce: First Position

First position is harder than it looks…let this little girl show you!



I love the teacher comment at the end…”It’s ok if your shoes aren’t doing it.” …and also all the ways the little girl tries to “fix” the problem. You can see her little mind and body piecing it out. This also shows some of the pitfalls of explaining the “shape” of first position to students without telling them how to get there.

My explanation for 1st position (with Pre-K/K/1st age groups) goes like this:

  • “Heels Say: MUAH!” – students make a kissing noise while they touch their heels together (it’s fine if the toes are touching too).
  • “Toes Say: EWWW!” – students move the toe part of each foot away from the other as if the toes think the kissing is “gross”. Now we have a 1st position! If their heels also separated at this step, you can repeat the whole thing or use the prompt, “What did the heels say?”


In Beauty,   ~Linda

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