So You Want To: Learn More ’60s Moves?

Dancing with the Stars 2009 – 60’s-inspired group dance

The ’60s had some very dance-worthy songs and outfits…

…but are you getting tired of rehashing the same pony step with swim arms? If you’re using music from Hairspray, Mamma Mia, or by The Beach Boys or any Motwon artist, here are some YouTube resources for your ’60s era choreography needs.

  • First, the Pontani Sisters will teach you moves like the Watusi, Hully Gully, T-Bird Special, Rising Sun, Cheerleader, Jazzercise, Ballerina, Elvis, etc. It can be our little secret that you may have gotten some of your cute moves for the young ones from the Pontani Sisters in full on go-go wear. There is something lovable about them, even if they might not top my “intelligent dancer” role model list.
  • Next, shows you how to spice up the pony and make it your own. Enjoy!

There is more to this post!   …

Happy ’60s Dancing!   ~ Linda

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