In Celebration of National Tap Dance Day

National Tap Dance Day, celebrated on the birthday of legendary tapper Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, is May 25th…this Friday in 2012!

How does one get a National Day named for something you love?? Well, it seems you need a representative in congress who is also excited about it. In 1989, Representative John Conyers of Michigan and Senator Al D’Amato of New York were excited enough about tap to get a resolution passed declaring May 25 National Tap Dance Day.

“By golly, there ought to be a law to make everyone love tap dancing.”

~Representative John Conyers of Michigan as quoted in Dance Magazine’s article “How Tap Dance Got Its Day.”

To celebrate National Tap Dance Day blog-style, here are a 3 classic tap sequences from Hollywood and Broadway. Enjoy!!



  • Revival cast of 42nd Street performing on stage and in the NYC subway in the opening to the 2001 Tony Awards.


  • The Nicholas Brothers in 20th Century Fox’s 1943 film Stormy Weather.


  • A Broadway tap dance about Hollywood censorship! The cast of A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine performs “The Production Code” at the 1980 Tonys ceremony.


For more classic tap videos, or to read about a great book to introduce your young dancers or “non-dance” students to tap history, check out my first post about Bojangles and National Tap Dance day…Get Them Tapping with a Bojangles Book!

Happy National Tap Dance Day!   ~ Linda

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