Found: Template for Crafting a Bendable Dancer (+ Josephine Baker)

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All you need to make this beautiful dancer is the pattern, a cereal box, scissors, paint, brads, and some patience!

The Lait Frase site is in French, but you can get an English translation of the dancer craft here. The download for the pattern is at the end of the post….the link to the PDF says “Je télécharge le modèle.” I could only get the link to work on the non-translated version of the post.

I love this craft because it gives slightly older dancing children a craft that they can enjoy. Now this is a paper doll I can get into!


This paper doll could easily lend herself to an extension to a dance history lesson.

She could be any famous dancer you’d like!

On the Lait Frase site, the doll is named Josephine Baker. Though the outfit on this doll doesn’t personally remind me of Josephine Baker in the slightest, I do think Baker is an intriguing figure in dance history…especially for older dancers who can touch on a study of her sex appeal & how this dancer’s history meets civil rights history in the U.S. and the history of WWII in France.

  • Josephine Baker in Banana Skirt from the Folies Bergère production “Un Vent de Folie” 1927. Image public domain.

    The Lait Frase site calls this bendable paper doll Josephine Baker…the American-born French dancer, singer and actress sometimes called the first black superstar. Famous (or infamous) for performing vaudeville/jazz dancing nearly nude and sometimes accompanied by a cheetch wearing a diamond-studded collar, Baker was the first African American female to star in a major motion picture, and the first integrate an American music hall. Baker raised 12 adopted children, and her most remembered costume is a skirt fashioned from strung together artificial bananas. An intriguing piece of dance history to say the least!  Wikipedia lists her occupations as “dancer, singer, actress, civil rights activist, spy.”

Let’s finish off the post with some video candy.

Here’s a Josephine Baker clip from 1927, and a 2006 clip of Beyoncé paying tribute to Baker and her famous banana skirt dance.



Happy Crafting!  ~Linda

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