6 Costumes for the New School Year

Dancers & dance teachers on a school year schedule are heading back into the studio to meet their new classes. I always use the week before classes start to round up some new music and peruse some of the latest costumes to get re-inspired. I won’t be picking out any “June Show” music & costumes for another 4 months or so, but here are 6 costumes that got my imagination turning.

    1.      Ole!     ~A Wish Come True

      I don’t usually go for any type of bare midriff costumes, but this one has flamenco, fado, and various Latin-infused pop songs running a mash-up in my head. This is from a costume collection I often look to for my upper grade to middle school dancers…it’s the “Tween” section in A Wish Come True’s catalog.







    2. Gold Dust   ~Revolution Dancewear

      This 20’s or Grecian beauty was the first costume to catch my eye this year. I love the Revolution company. Their costumes are always made of quality material, and they come with all the accessories shown. Never any up-sale hassle about purchasing the headpiece separately.







    3. Under the Sea   ~Curtain Call Costumes

      Finally, a “Little Mermaid” themed costume that isn’t hideous. I usually steer away from Disney music for my own biased reasons, but I’m so happy to see a playful and fun and usable “Little Mermaid” costume that I had to put it on the list.






    4.    Frost Bite   ~Curtain Call
      Ok, maybe this one errors on the side of cheesy, but I could see it working in the right holiday situation….and it has much more to work with than the majority of the holiday costumes out there. Cue the snow themed music!





    5. Rhythm Nation   ~Art Stone Theatrical

      Janet! Though I don’t see myself choreographing a piece with this costume….I like to imagine that someone out there will be! Perhaps some 90’s Janet for progressions across the floor.







Glitz And Glamour   ~Curtain Call Costumes

                  I’m always on the lookout for a capri length costume with a fun, flattering top. Young tapper’s legs always look better with a little coverage, especially in black. A little bit of capri length material can go a long way toward masking novice tappers who may not always be perfectly in sync! Warning: The headband that comes with this costume is not the one shown.

    Happy Back to School! May you find the inspiration you need.    ~Linda

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