So You Want: Musical Dance Stories for Kids? — Wee Sing

Teaching classes with young children? You’ll need a few go-to tracks; tracks that allow you to just push play and then dance through a story along with your little dancers. 

Start Here!


Story Tracks with Clips of Classical Orchestra Music:

10 – The Toy Shop at Midnight

21 – A Walk Through the Forest


Story Tracks with Children Singing:

19 – The Land of Slow Motion

32 – Bugs


Example Page from the Wee Sing and Move Booklet

If funds are particularly tight you can download individual songs from your preferred site, but the paperback booklets that come with all “Wee Sing” cds are quality–complete with movement & gesture suggestions and the music notation.

“Wee Sing” is quite a prolific brand of quality kids music…and a brand I’ve often been able to check out of my local library.


For recital/performance pieces, I tend not to use music with children’s voices on the track, but for the preschool and kindergarten dance classroom, “Wee Sing” songs are a hit. 


Happy Moving!  ~Linda

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