Video How-To Resource for Teachers

is the at-home colleague I sometimes need.

I often turn to Dance Teacher Magazine’s on-line collection of teaching videos. The variety is impressive: tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, modern, anatomy, creative movement, yoga for dancers!
Click a picture for the link to

Tap “Grab-Off”: Teacher Ray Hesselink with student River Aguirre from

(The listing for

the entire


can be

found here).

Dunham Technique: Teacher Rachel Tavernier and student Dianna Anderson from

Rockette Style: Teacher Kristin Altfather and student Aimee Lane from

Pre-Tap: Teacher Courtney Runft and student Julia Freer (age 5) demonstrate a maxi ford. From


















We dance teachers are a solitary bunch; most often hulled up in our own separate classrooms, only talking in passing at breaks. I like Dance Teacher Magazine’s on-line collection of teaching videos not for it’s depth on an one topic, but for the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in another teacher’s classroom..

…How does that teacher speak her students? Maybe I can use that phrase! How does he use his hands to when correcting a foot? Ooo, I like that imagery for leaping.

Happy Teaching! ~Linda

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