My Current Top 10 Songs for Jazz Class

7 of My Go-To Songs for Jazz Warm-Ups and Across the Floor (in no particular order):

  1. “Twist” ~ Pritam  from Love Aaj Kal

  2. “Pumpin’ Blood” ~ NONONO

  3. “Canned Heat” ~ Jamiroquai   from Synkronised

  4. “Love is the Answer (Club Mix) [featuring Mya] ~ Cedric Gervais

  5. “Beat It” ~ Michael Jackson   from Thriller

  6. “Three Little Birds” ~ Sean Paul & Ziggy Marley   from Shark Tale Soundtrack

  7. “One (Reprise)/Finale” ~ A Chorus Line: Original Broadway Cast 1975


Plus 3 Songs for Stretching That I Can’t Get Enough Of:

  1. “I am Light” ~ India.Arie   from SongVersation

  2. “A Fifth of Beethoven (Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony)” ~ Walter Murphy   from Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack or A Fifth of Beethoven

  3. “Dance, Dance, Dance” ~ Lykke Li   from Youth Novels                                                            —as I originally discovered from a darling video of a cutey toddler which I blogged here 

Happy Movin’!!   ~Linda

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