Why Dance?

Two months ago I had the honor of being invited by a Junior Girl Scout Troop to sit on a panel for a Question & Answer about being a professional woman.

Ms. Linda at a Junior Girl Scout Panel in Feb. 2014


One of the questions that I was asked during the panel has been churning in my working brain ever since.  It was such a simple question: “What is the most important thing about your profession [being a dance teacher]?”  I know that I value the work that I do. I know that I think that teaching dance is important…but can I articulate that importance succinctly to a group? I vow to have a better answer next time.

In the spirit of defining the value of dance….here is a beautifully crafted video from the Ontario Arts Council that features dancers of all shapes, ages, styles and abilities speaking inspirational words about the power of dance for them. It’s called, “Why I dance…Pourquoi je danse…”.

In Joy,  ~Linda

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