So You Want: Showtunes-Style Jazz Music for Kids? –Cool Jazz Cats


Highly Recommended:

Cool Jazz Cats

by Maria Bostick


Included on the back of the album is the praise:

“A fun frothy ice cream soda of a record…the melodies and rhythms are irresistible!”

[Family Fun Magazine]

–and I couldn’t agree more!

Cool Jazz Cats has a Broadway feel and stays on the right side of the puke-to-cute children’s song spectrum. The arrangements are sophisticated, the instruments are real, the singing is pleasing, the lyrics are fun, and these cats have some healthy sass!

I recommend starting with #4~The Meow Meow Sisters (Andrews Sisters-type tribute)

and #7~I Got Spots! (Swinging Big Band Style Tribute a la “In the Mood”).


Cool Jazz Cats Full Track List:

1. Mambo Cats
2. How To Roar Like A Lion
3. Cool Jazz Cats
4. The Meow Meow Sisters
5. The Hollywood Cat (Let’s Do Milk)
6. Dream Of A Tiger Tango
7. I Got Spots!
8. He’s The Cat’s Pajamas, Back From The Bahamas
9. J’Aime Pas Les Chiens! (I Hate Dogs!)
10. That Millionnaire Cat
11. Tabby Cat Calypso
12. The Cat Who Could Fly
13. My Bright Shiny T-Bird
14. Sweet Paw’s Lullaby

In case you’re still not convinced that you should check out these fantastic feline tunes, I leave you with a lyrics sample. From “I Got Spots”:

I got spots: stripes ain’t my style

I got spots: had ’em a while

Mairzy doats and doazy do

Ain’t they purdy and I don’t use glue!

I found a copy of Cool Jazz Cats by Maria Bostick at my local public library…and I hope you can find a copy too!

Happy Listening!  ~ Linda


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