Philadelphia Chickens: The Imaginary Children’s Broadway Musical Revue that I Could Play on Repeat

Philadelphia Chickens

A torch song to chocolate chip cookies.
A diva’s belting song about the pleasure of being contrary.
A jazzy pajama time dance party.
There is a lot to love about Philadelphia Chickens: A Too-Illogical Zoological Musical Revue from Sandra Boynton and Micheal Ford!!!


Grammy nominee. #1 New York Times bestseller. And, with 960,000 copies in print, a Recording Industry Association of America Platinum album. What an event! What a show! It’s Philadelphia Chickens—the catchy and quirky, tuneful and toe-tapping, exuberant, unexpected, and totally endearing family-musical-in-a-book.

Go Get It!

This is one book/cd combo that I encourage everyone to just go out and buy! (I acquired  a used copy at a local secondhand toy shop.) But, if you’d like a preview…try listening to the album on Spotify here. Many of the songs are also on YouTube.


Philadelphia Chickens Track List from Wikipedia:

Title Performer Style
1 Cows The Seldom Herd Broadway chorus line
2 Nobody Understands Me Meryl Streep Slow jazz
3 Philadelphia Chickens The Bacon Brothers Swing
4 Be Like A Duck Keith Boynton
5 Please, Can I Keep it Laura Linney
6 Snuggle Puppy Eric Stoltz
7 I Like To Fuss Patti LuPone Broadway
8 Snoozers The Bacon Brothers Folk song
9 Faraway Cookies Caitlin McEwan Torch song
10 The Intermission Song! Aaaardvarks Barbershop quartet
11 Fifteen Animals John Stey
12 Belly Button (Round) The Heath Sisters N/A
13 BusyBusyBusy Kevin Kline Patter Song / Gilbert and Sullivan
14 Those Dinosaur Blues Michael Ford Blues
15 Dinosaur, Dinosaur Darcy Boynton Jump-rope rhyme
16 Jump Rope Jive Beth Andrien Andrews Sisters
17 Pig Island Scott Bakula Jimmy Buffett / Calypso
18 Pajama Time  Adam Bryant Elvis Presley / Bubblegum Pop
19 Silly Lullaby Natasha Richardson Lullaby
20 Philadelphia Chickens 2   (instrumental reprise)

Philadelphia Chickens….The First of Now 5 Book/Cd Sets.

Boynton Musicals



 Philadelphia Chickens was the first–and in my opinion, the best by a long shot–of the Boynton musical revues. But, if you can’t get enough you can check out:

  • Blue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits from Way Back Never ~Try #13 – Rabbit Tango
  • Frog Trouble: and Eleven other Pretty Serious Songs (the country album) ~ Try #2 – Trucks
  • Rhinoceros Tap: 15 Seriously Silly Songs ~ Try #6 – Tropical Sand
  • Dog Train: A Wild Ride on the Rock-and-Roll Side ~ Try #8 – I Need a Nap

 Philadelphia Chickens on Stage!

I used the track “Faraway Cookies” for a ballet dance with my Kindergarteners in our end-of-the-year showcase. This song about the frustrating longing of not being tall enough to reach the chocolate chip cookies sitting on a high shelf was absolutely perfect for letting these natural actors use their dancer bodies to tell a story. I leave you with two pictures of my dancers enjoying Philadelphia Chickens:

FarawayCookies 13 - Copy

Reaching for the jar of cookies on: “I’m not tall enough…”

FarawayCookies 09 - Copy

Stomping out their frustration on the words: “…to reach them myself.”

Happy Dancing! ~ Ms. Linda

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