Sydney Studio Doing Pre-Ballet (and marketing) Right

Found: Big Steps Little Feet

An Australian Dance Studio with an Inspiring Focus on Creative and Brain-Based Dance for Pre-Schoolers

(and some really catchy marketing materials)

After wasting a few moments of my life on a bogus top ten list for why some mom was enrolling her kid in pre-ballet, I found a gem of a link in the comments section that brought me to the website of the AU studio, Big Steps Little Feet. I might find their website art’s homage to the cover art of The Little Prince, their “hand-drawn” site buttons and all their professional photographs too sweet too swallow if I didn’t whole-heartedly agree with the substance of their philosophy, but I do. And so now I offer a taste of their marketing as inspiration.

Savvy Marketing Exhibit A – The Well-Filmed Video Featuring Adorably Articulate 4-Year Olds

If you watch nothing else….at least go to 5:50 and sit back and enjoy the little cutey report…”I did a leap. And a twirl. And a twirl at the end.”


Savvy Marketing Exhibit B – The Brochure Hidden as the “FREE Guide”:



Now this is one clever little PDF download….a.k.a. thinly veiled

marketing brochure. I agree with so much of the content that I’m

considering re-locating my family to Sydney

just to have my children attend the school.

(Well, not quite. But the PDF is almost that good.)

Happy Packaging Your Particular Dance Product!! ~ Linda

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