If You Can See Her, You can Be Her

In two contexts this week, I was reminded of the for children to see people who look like themselves in order to imagine their own capabilities. The first was a piece on NPR about the downturn in the number of female college sports coaches and assistant coaches. During that radio segment, one of the guests explained the importance of female coaches for female or male college athletes with the memorable phrase:

If you can see her, you can be her.

I have very clear memories of my quite pregnant ballet teacher leaping across the floor during class…and that image stuck with me as I taught dance to a new generation of young girls during my own 2 pregnancies. I saw the vibrantly pregnant dance teacher, and I became the vibrantly pregnant dance teacher…and I hope the cycle continues.

BrownGirlDoBalletBannerJust today I found an organization whose simple mission is an inspiration to me. Brown Girls Do Ballet*TM is an organization on a mission to celebrate and increase awareness of diversity in ballet by increasing the images of “brown girls doing ballet” across many media platforms. BGDBJWP-21


I’m following them on Instagram, and have Liked them on Facebook because I do believe that “If you can see her, you can be her.”

Cheers to all the role models out there!!  ~ Ms. Linda

PS – Brown Girls Do Ballet *TM is taking submissions of gift ideas for their upcoming Holiday Gift Guide. I can’t wait to see it! Email them at submissions@browngirlsdoballet.com

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