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“Ms. Linda,” as her students call her, is a studio dance instructor and creator of programming.
She is co-founding a new non-profit, Joy in Motion, with her partner, Justin Cole.


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…a place for dance educators and the people they inspire.


Why Unreasonable Joy?

How many hundreds of thousands of studio dance teachers,
dance families, and dance students are out there?
And where are all the web resources aimed at them?

Dance teachers work in a competitive market. It is easy to fall into the trap of hoarding our knowledge, our playlists, our dance games–attempting to protect our value because we need to pay rent or the mortgage. Withholding our collective knowledge does not serve our dancing children, and it does not serve us.

Ms. Linda created UnreasonableJoy.com to share her knowledge of teaching dance

with the colleagues and dance families that she encounters every week,

and with those in the larger collective that she will never meet.

Ms. Linda’s Philosophy

 Unreasonable Joy.
Childlike Wonder.
Reverential Acceptance.

On a good day, it’s all right there, and on a bad one, well, it’s a welcome reminder of what’s possible.

When I need the short version, it looks like this:

Joy.  Wonder.  Reverence.

Here’s the rundown of the qualities each mantra holds for me:

  • Unreasonable Joy.   —Permission to celebrate life; to be full of life without reservation or shame; to experience, through dancing, a joy that logic and reason cannot explain away.
  • Childlike Wonder.   —Permission to not know and to be curious; to try new things with excitement; to be a lifelong learner.
  • Reverential Acceptance.   —Permission to be perfectly imperfect and to accept that limitations exist, and can be worked with. Gratitude & respect for those who’ve come before, for our peers, for our teachers, and for all in our community.

~                    ~                    ~

This blog was born out of my love of research projects and my gratitude for the resources I’ve found on the web that have helped me in my teaching. I hope my corner of the internet helps to spread the beauty and joy of dancing…and to give teachers, parents and dancers the jolt of inspiration they need!


Please enjoy the site and remember:
the content herein is mine
—©2012-2016 Ms. Linda, Blog Author, Unreasonable Joy
unless otherwise credited to other awesome folks.


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