Hollywood Cat

Costume for Hollywood Cat (from RevolutionDance.com)

 Hollywood Cat

Music By: Maria Bostick

Choreography By: Linda Craig


         Tuesday Young Dancer – Ms. Linda – #130

     Wednesday Young Dancer – Ms. Linda – #131




(The password for this video is “capa” – no caps.)

Hollywood Cat from Linda Craig on Vimeo.


Lyrics Only

Here are the lyrics for our cut of the song:

download-pdfClick to Download Hollywood Cat Lyrics as a PDF



Hollywood Cat – Maria Bostick

[Interviewer:] “Ms. Mitzy, you’re a famous Hollywood cat

Tell the world about yourself”

Well, I’d love to. I’m Mitzy, the Hollywood cat and I…

Is this thing on? Good.


I sit by my pool in the Hollywood hills.

I read up on myself and it gives me the chills.

I’m a Hollywood cat and I’m headed for the stars.

Did you hear I was starring in Catnip on Mars?




My fans all want my picture.

I sign them with my paw.

I smile beneath my hat,

and, yes, they’re in awe.

What a crowd!

They’re meowed and all that by this very

Hollywood cat. Meow.


I cruise in my T-Bird down to Sunset and Vine.

All the stars! All the cars! And the mice are divine.

Purr-mount Pictures knows that I am adored.

I’ve got a three picture deal with Harrison Ford.


{CHORUS – ending with many meows off}

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