The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet


Costume for This Class [from]

The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet

Music By: Mary Lambert

Choreography By: Megan Watt


Wednesday – Teacher Beth – #115

Thursday – Teachers Linda/Megan – #111/112

Friday – Teacher Megan – #114




Watch Teacher Megan demonstrate your dance!

(The password for this video is “capa” – no caps.)

The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet from Linda Craig on Vimeo.


Written Steps

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Lyrics Only

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The Tooth Fairy Loves Ballet – Mary Lambert

There are many different fairies

the storybooks do tell

of a lovely fairy godmother

and also Tinkerbell

(ding ding ding ding ding)

But my very favorite fairy

wears a tutu and a bow

though no one’s ever seen her

I bet you didn’t know



The Tooth Fairy loves ballet

oh, magnificent plie

her grace and beauty can’t compare

to other fairies anywhere

the tooth fairy loves ballet


Most fairies flit and fly

around from place to place

but not our lovely tooth fairy

she leaps with splendid grace

(ding ding ding ding ding)

She’s very light upon her feet

and never makes a sound

that’s why we’ve never seen her

but this is what I’ve found




When we’re soundly sleeping

lost tooth beneath our head

the tooth fairy comes quietly

tippy toeing to our bed

(ding ding ding ding ding)

She takes our tooth but in its place

she leaves a lovely treat

then twirling whirling off she goes

to the next child down the street



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