Teaching Meaningful Apologies

What makes a “good” apology? How can a child “say it like they mean it” if they haven’t yet learned how to “mean it”? How much class time should a dance teacher take up with working through apologies when we have so much choreography and technique to get through in an hour?   The schedule … Continue reading

Found: Teaching Reflection in a Meme

As a dancer teacher, I try not to say it…because chances are…it’s a lie! Happy Teaching!       ~Linda

6 Class Management (Discipline) Tips With Young Ones

At my studio, regular year classes have been in session for a month now, and so naturally some of my young students’ “first days of school” attention to extra-good behavior is wearing off as they get more comfortable in their surroundings. Time for–6 Class Management (Discipline) Tips with Young Ones…in this case, meaning about ages … Continue reading

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