Again From the Top! – Tips for Rehearsing Young Dancers for Body Memory

Seasoned Dancers and Teachers Know: The Body Has to Remember the Steps without the Mind’s Constant Input Before the Real Performance Can Begin An excerpt of NYC Ballet Principal Jennifer Ringer’s recent memoir is making the internet rounds. In it, Ringer describes the repetition a professional ballet dancer must go through to anchor all the … Continue reading

Treasure Chest of Ailey Videos

Tonight I am attending a concert of my absolutely favorite dance company, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Seeing a performance of Alvin Ailey is like coming home for me. You can bring Ailey inspiration wherever you have internet connection by watching excerpts of the company and their school on the richly populated Alvin Ailey Vimeo … Continue reading

So You Want To: Cut Music?

Sooner or later every dancer or dance teacher who’s involved with performing of any kind will face the dreaded task of cutting music. My 6 year-olds do not need to tap for a full 5 min. 24 sec. song! Their attention spans aren’t long enough nor the recitals short enough for that kind of time. … Continue reading

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