Found: Cartoon Defense of Music & Dance Education

Why teach the arts? I wish this question didn’t need to be asked and answered so often. But since our culture does seem to require a defense of teaching music and dance…it’s nice to have little inspirational videos like this one that make the case for us. “One doesn’t make the end of the composition, … Continue reading

Found: Footloose ’11 Star Talks Believing in Yourself

Sometimes I need a reminder that the next generation, every generation, needs to hear the simple messages. That’s why I was happy to stumble upon this video of dancer Kenny Wormald, star of the 2011 movie version of Footloose,  sending a message that kids can be afraid of “different”…but that difference may be exactly what leads … Continue reading

Found: Teaching Reflection in a Meme

As a dancer teacher, I try not to say it…because chances are…it’s a lie! Happy Teaching!       ~Linda

Found: Inspirational Dance Quotes Site

Today I “stumbled upon” this great site for trendy-little-social-media inspirational dance pictures and quotes… I guess the English major in me can accept that URLs won’t allow apostrophes and that’s why they couldn’t use the correct you’re.   Here are a few of my favorites from the site:

Found: 5 Creative Truths – Quote Posters

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