Sketch Book: Fairy Costumes

Found: ’50s & ’60s Moves – With Costume Fail

My last post, So You Want To: Learn More ’60s Moves?, focused on dances from the later ’60s and leaning toward go-go style. Next, a little Lawrence Welk Show. Dancers Elaine Balden and Bobby Burgess show some classic ’50s & ’60s moves while they try not to get tangled in their mop shirts. This 1981 clip … Continue reading

So You Want To: Learn More ’60s Moves?

The ’60s had some very dance-worthy songs and outfits… …but are you getting tired of rehashing the same pony step with swim arms? If you’re using music from Hairspray, Mamma Mia, or by The Beach Boys or any Motwon artist, here are some YouTube resources for your ’60s era choreography needs. First, the Pontani Sisters … Continue reading

Found: Bollywood Deliciousness from SMASH

Bhangra and Bollywood dancing have a sweet spot in my heart. Maybe it’s the colors…or the head movements…or the unapologetic exuberance! In any case…enjoy!! . In Beauty,  ~Linda

How I Introduce: The Sleeping Beauty

Pre-ballet can encompass an amazing scope. Yes, I teach 1st position, pointed ankles, ballet skips, posture at the barre, standing in line, sharing props, how to not eat your ballet skirt during class, and also, dance history. Not all of my little ones will go on to dance through high school or beyond, but they … Continue reading

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