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Web Video HowTo ICON

…because all of us teachers, students, dancers and parents need a little help sometimes!

Students remember–There are many “right” ways to teach the same steps.

These videos may use the same name for something that you’ve learned a different way.

Enjoy exploring!


  1.  Wikipedia’s “Glossary of Ballet”

Their Description: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ms. Linda’s Description: An alphabetical listing of ballet terms. Entries vary in quality, some containing photos, drawings or videos, and some not. Like all of Wikipedia, this ballet glossary changes and expands as users add content, so I can only imagine that it will keep getting better!


  1.  Operation: Tap – YouTube Channel

Their Description: An open forum for dancers and artists who want to see tap become immersed in the public’s consciousness.

Ms. Linda’s Description: Operation: Tap is a community on Facebook (link to their fb page), with videos hosted by YouTube. Their short and sweet videos are in the categories Musicality Mondays, Technique Tuesdays, and Trivia Thursdays. Below is just one of their videos:



  1. “Dance Moves for Beginners” – Howcast on YouTube

Their Description: Learn jazz dance moves and dance routines from popular movies and Broadway shows from choreographer Liz Piccoli in these Howcast dance videos.

Ms. Linda’s Description: This is not an extensive resource, nor are all of these moves beginner. Steps covered range from a simple passe to a far more advance calypso jump and axel turn. I like this series for its clear explanations and short videos. A drop down menu in the upper left corner lets you pick a video title in the series.


Contemporary / Modern


Mixed and Misc.

  1. Alphabetical Jazz Steps 2 (bigger and longer)

Their Description: Vocabulary of 84 American vernacular jazz solo movements.

Ms. Linda’s Description: Watch 3 dancers (facing front, back and side) perform 84 steps from jazz/theater/Lindy/blues in quick succession!! A caller gives the name of each step and the name appears in print on the screen.

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